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Potassium acetate

Potassium acetate is utilized as a catalyst in the production of polyurethanes. Potassium acetate can be utilized as a deicer. Potassium acetate is utilized as a food additive a preservative and an acidity regulator.

Synonyms: Kaliumacetat

Molecular formula: CH3COOK

CAS No: 127-08-2



In the inorganic chemical industry, potassium acetate, mainly for the production of penicillin potassium can also as a chemical reagent, in the preparation of anhydrous ethanol or polyurethane.

In the heat preservation industry, potassium acetate can be utilized as a kind of heat preservation material and also can be it as a glass fiber reinforced plastic industry push agent, additives and additives, and so on.

In food processing, potassium acetate can be used in the food industry and can be utilized as a buffer, or neutralizing agent and preservative and color, especially some animal and plant natural color protectants.

In the pharmaceutical industry, potassium acetate pharmaceutical excipients.

In the aerospace industry, potassium acetate for dehydrating agents and airport runway de-icing agents.


Appearance Colorless to white crystalline powderAppearanceColorless to white crystalline powder
Content99.0% minContent99.0% min
Loss on drying1.0% maxLoss on drying1.0% max
Water insoluble50ppm maxWater insoluble50ppm max
Lead 10ppm maxLead10ppm max
pH(20% soln)6.5-9.0pH(20% soln)6.5-9.0
Sulfate50ppm maxSulfate50ppm max
As1ppm maxAs1ppm max
Ca, Mg100ppm maxCa, Mg100ppm max
Mn10ppm maxMn10ppm max
Fe5ppm maxFe5ppm max
Cu10ppm maxCu10ppm max

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