Light Stabilizer

Light stabilizer

A light stabilizer ( CAS 65447-77-0 ) serves as an additive for polymer products, providing protection against ultraviolet light energy, single-line oxygen burst, and hydrogen peroxide decomposition.

Light stabilizer|cas 65447-77-0

Molecular formula: C15n+1H25n+4O4n+1N

CAS NO.: 65447-77-0


Structural Formula:

Light stabilizer Structural Formula


A light stabilizer is widely applicable in plastics, rubber, coatings, and synthetic fibers, it effectively shields against environmental factors. Light stabilizer 622, for instance, finds extensive use in PE applications like injection molding and film, as well as in EVA, PP fibers, polyurethanes, polyacetals, polyamide, elastomers, and adhesives. Often employed in combination with antioxidants and UV absorbers, it optimizes performance for outdoor use in various polymers.


25KG/cardboard drum

Package-cardboard drum

Flow Chart:

At present, light stabilizers are produced in industry mainly by transesterification, which is obtained by transesterification of hydroxyethyl piperidinol with dimethyl succinate, but the price of dimethyl succinate is higher than that of succinic acid; In the direct esterification method, succinic acid is used as raw material instead of dimethyl succinate to react with hydroxyethyl piperidinol.


Specification of Light stabilizer

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