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Superplasticizer, SMF

Sulfonated melamine formaldehyde water-soluble resin (referred to as "SM") is an anionic early strength, non-air-trapping type, and is an admixture variety with excellent overall performance among concrete high-efficiency water-reducing agents.The product was first successfully developed and patented by West Germany, and then introduced by Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, etc., gradually forming a series of products with characteristic high-efficiency water reducer (superplasticizer).It has been applied to major projects and has produced obvious technical and economic benefits.

Synonyms: N/A

Molecular formula: N/A




1. In industry, it is used in the production of refractory concrete from aluminate cement, and its compressive strength is increased by 60 to 170% under drying at 110℃ and high temperature (1000~2000℃).It has excellent adaptability to pure calcium aluminate cement.The commonly used dosage is 0.5~1.5% of the cemented material.It can be applied to the production of shaped, unshaped refractory bricks and refractory castable materials.It is especially suitable for the preparation of low-cement refractory castable.After adding SM, the compressive and flexural strength of refractory materials can be significantly improved, the apparent porosity of refractory materials can be reduced, the density can be increased, and the service life can be extended.

2. In the concrete industry, prepare grouting materials for the foundation of pouring equipment and prepare self-leveling floor materials.It is widely used in non-metallic wear-resistant floor materials (dry mortar), self-leveling mortar and self-leveling colored mortar.It can improve the hardness and finish of the floor surface, without cracking, and the color is smooth and bright.

3. In the gypsum industry, it can be applied to α, β semi-aqueous gypsum and hard gypsum powder, with a large water reduction rate and obvious enhancement effect.The dosage is 0.5to 1.2% of the weight of gypsum powder.Improve the plastic viscosity of gypsum slurry, and at the same time improve the apparent finish, durability, and wear resistance of gypsum products.The fluidity, compressive strength, flexural strength, impermeability, surface finish and elasticity of the formulated high-strength gypsum and gypsum products have been improved, which has increased the turnover rate of gypsum molds by 4 to 5 times.


HS CodeCAS No.Formula  Molecule WeightShelf Life
3824401000NANANA12 months

ItemsUnitLower LimitUpper Limit
White Powder
Water content%46
Quantity of mixing%0.21.5
pH (50% aq, 20)
Cl %

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