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Polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer

Polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer is the third-generation high-performance water reducer developed after the ordinary water reducer represented by xylocalcium and the superplasticizer represented by naphthalene. It is the most cutting-edge, highest scientific and technological content, best application prospects, and best overall performance in the world. A kind of superplasticizer.

Synonyms: Polycarboxylic acid superplasticizer

Molecular formula: N/A




1. In industry, polycarboxylic acid-based high-efficiency water reducer is used in the configuration of high-performance, high-strength, ultra-high-strength concrete, such as airports, ports, hydropower stations, viaducts, military facilities and other construction.It is suitable for prefabricated and cast-in-place concrete, reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete for the construction of high-speed railways, passenger dedicated lines, industrial and civil buildings, roads, bridges, ports and terminals, airports and other projects.It is especially suitable for projects with long construction time for the preparation of concrete and high requirements for the maintenance of concrete slumps, such as nuclear power projects.

2. In the daily chemical industry, hand cream, toothpaste and shaving cream are used as consistency regulators.


HS CodeCAS No.Formula Molecule WeightShelf Life
3824401000NANANA12 month

ItemsUnitLower LimitUpper Limit
Free flowing, white to slight yellow powder
Solid content%97
pH value(10% water solution)
Bulk densitykg/m3450650
Concrete water reduction ratio%25

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