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Sodium sulfide

Sodium sulfide is also known as alkali sulfide, smelly soda, smelly alkali, at room temperature pure product is colorless or slightly purple, often pink, brown red, yellow block, industrial sodium sulfide due to impurities, soluble in water, insoluble in ether, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether, its aqueous solution is strongly alkaline, touching the skin and hair will cause burns, easy oxidation in the air, toxic.

The reason why the red film is red is mainly the iron ion content.

More than 60% of the impurities are crystalline water, impurities are small amounts, including sodium carbonate, sodium thiosulfate, sodium sulfite, iron, lead sulfide and other water insoluble matter.

Synonyms/nicknames: smelly alkali, smelly soda, alkali sulfide

Chemical formula: Na2S

CAS number: 27610-45-3

UN NO.: 1849

Main usage:

①In the water treatment industry, it is mainly used to treat electroplating or other wastewater containing metal ions. The precipitation of metal ions by sulfur ions is used to remove metal ions, such as germanium, tin, lead, bismuth, silver, cadmium, copper, mercury, zinc, manganese, etc.

②In dyeing industry, for the production of sulphide dye, is the raw material of sulphide blue. Sodium sulfide also used as an aid to dissolving sulphide dyes.

③In leather industry, it is used for hydrolysis to dehair rawhide, also used to prepare sodium polysulfide to accelerate the immersion of dry skin to help soften.

④In paper industry, used as a cooking agent for paper.

⑤In textile industry, it is used as a mordant for denitrification and nitrification of man-made fibers and dyeing of cotton fabrics.

⑥In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used to produce antipyretic drugs such as phenacetin.

⑦ It is also used to make sodium thiosulfate, sodium hydrosulfide, sodium polysulfide and so on.

⑧Used in the manufacture of sulfur dyes, leather hair removal agents, metal smelting, photography, rayon denitrification and so on.

⑨Adding proper amount of sodium sulfide to the alkaline etching solution of aluminum and alloy can obviously improve the etching surface quality, and can also be used to remove alkali-soluble heavy metal impurities such as zinc in the alkaline etching solution.

⑩Sodium sulfide can also be used to treat the conductive layer in direct electroplating. Colloidal palladium sulfide is generated by the reaction between sodium sulfide and palladium to form a good conductive layer on the nonmetal surface.


25KGS bags, 1000KGS bags


Technical data sheet:

HS CodeCAS No.FormulaMolecule WeightShelf Life
283010101313-82-2Na2S78.04 g/mol12 months

ItemsUnitLower LimitUpper Limit
Yellow or red flakes
Water insoluble matter %

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