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Carboxylic butadiene-styrene latex

Carboxyl styrene butadiene latex is a copolymer formed by lotion polymerization of butadiene, styrene, a small amount of carboxylic acid and other additives. It is an milky white water dispersion with blue purple luster, which is an environment-friendly product

Synonyms/aliases: N/A

Molecular formula: C15H18O2

CAS No: 25085-39-6



(1) In the paper industry, it is used for the surface and bottom coating of decorative base paper, wear-resistant paper, medium and high grade copperboard paper, white board paper, cardboard, cardboard, cardboard and other paper products. Carboxyl styrene butadiene latex has low viscosity, good fluidity, easy to mix with other auxiliary materials, and good process performance. The treated paper has bright printing, high gloss, and improved adaptability, water resistance and ink absorption. It can be used in the pulp to improve the conjunctival strength and adhesion of the paper product, with strong water resistance, printability and abrasion resistance, stability and good molding performance;

(2) In the construction industry, it is used as a coating for building materials;

(3) In light industry, it is used as carpet backing and sponge products.


AppearanceMilky-White slightly blue liquid
PH Value7-9
Particle Diameter(nm)150±10
Surface Tensions(mN/m)40-55
Mechanical Stability(ppm)≤100
Chemical Stability(ppm)≤300
VOC(Volatile organic compounds)(mg/Kg)≤50

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