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Answering Industrial Chemical FAQs: Your Guide to TJCY's Product Solutions

May. 30, 2024

TJCY Industrial Chemical is a premier supplier of diverse and high-quality chemical products. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our products and the dedication to customer service. In this article, we address some frequently asked questions about our company and provide summarized information about our key products, including Chloroprene Rubber, Acrylic Acid, Butyl Acrylate, Oxalic Acid, Calcium Hypochlorite, Calcium Formate, Phosphoric Acid, Triisopropanolamine, and Sodium Chlorite.

FAQs about TJCY Industrial Chemical

Q1: What types of chemicals does TJCY Industrial Chemical offer?

TJCY Industrial Chemical offers a comprehensive range of chemicals tailored to various industry needs. Our portfolio includes:

  • Construction Additives: Essential for enhancing the performance and durability of building materials.

  • Leather/Textile Chemicals: Designed to improve the quality and functionality of leather and textile products.

  • Polymer Additives: Used to modify and enhance the properties of polymers for various applications.

  • Home Care and I&I Cleaning Chemicals: Effective solutions for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in both household and industrial settings.

  • Paint & Coating Chemicals: Critical components for producing high-quality paints and coatings with superior finish and durability.

  • Water Treatment Chemicals: Solutions for ensuring clean and safe water through effective treatment processes.

  • Basic Chemicals: Fundamental chemicals used as raw materials in various industrial processes.

By offering this diverse range of chemicals, TJCY ensures that we meet the specific requirements of different industries, providing reliable and high-quality solutions for our clients.

Q2: Are TJCY Industrial Chemical products environmentally friendly?

Yes, TJCY Industrial Chemical products are designed to be safe and environmentally friendly.

Q3: How can I ensure the safety of using TJCY Industrial Chemical products?

Each product comes with a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) detailing proper handling, storage, and disposal methods. Users should familiarize themselves with the MSDS and follow the provided safety guidelines.

Q4: Does TJCY Industrial Chemical provide technical support for its products?

Yes, we offer extensive technical support, providing guidance on product selection, application methods, and troubleshooting. Our experts are available to assist with specific chemical processes and detailed product information.

Q5: Can I purchase TJCY Industrial Chemical products in bulk?

Yes, we offer products in various quantities, including bulk orders, to meet the needs of industrial operations. Our sales team can provide customized quotes for large orders.

Q6: What is the typical delivery time for orders?

Our global footprint and world-class supply chain enable us to quickly respond to your professional and product needs. With our innovative systems, extensive logistics network, and comprehensive customer service processes, we are committed to providing customers with a satisfying delivery experience.

Q7: How does TJCY Industrial Chemical ensure the quality of its products?

We adhere to stringent quality control procedures, from raw material sourcing to final product testing. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and experienced quality control team ensure that every product meets or exceeds industry standards.

Q8: What should I do if I encounter a problem with a TJCY Industrial Chemical product?

If you experience any issues, contact our customer service team immediately. We will work to resolve the issue, whether it involves quality issues, packaging issues, transportation issues and documentation issues.

Q9: How can I get in touch with TJCY Industrial Chemical for further inquiries?

We are available via phone, email, and contact form at Our customer service representatives are dedicated to providing prompt and helpful responses to all your questions and concerns.

Answering Industrial Chemical FAQs: Your Guide to TJCY's Product Solutions

FAQs about TJCY Industrial Chemical Products

TJCY Industrial Chemical offers a wide range of industrial chemical products. Below are some FAQs about our main products. For more information, please visit our product pages.

Chloroprene Rubber

Q: What forms does Chloroprene Rubber come in?

A: It's available in solid and latex forms, with solid grades as chips and latex grades as milky white liquid.

Q: What temperature range does Chloroprene Rubber work in?

A: It operates effectively from -40°C to 121°C.

Q: How is Chloroprene Rubber packaged and loaded?

A: Solid CR comes in 25kg kraft bags or 1100kg IBC tanks for latex CR.

Q: Can Chloroprene Rubber be used in adhesives?

A: Yes, it's widely employed in adhesive applications.

Oxalic Acid

Q: What are the different forms of Oxalic Acid?

A: Industrial and refined grades are available, both with anhydrous and hydrated forms.

Q: Is Oxalic Acid safe to use?

A: It requires careful handling to avoid skin and eye contact.

Q: Can Oxalic Acid be used for cleaning?

A: Yes, it's suitable for metal surface treatment and polishing.

Q: What is the environmental impact of Oxalic Acid?

A: It's environmentally friendly, breaking down easily without persisting.

Q: What levels of Oxalic Acid does TJCY offer?

A: Both industrial and refined grades are available to suit customer needs.

Q: Which shipping methods are available for Oxalic Acid?

A: Sea transportation is the most economical option.

Phosphoric Acid

Q: What processes are used for Phosphoric Acid production?

A: Thermal and wet processes are utilized, with the wet process being more cost-effective.

Q: Is Phosphoric Acid safe to use?

A: It's non-toxic but corrosive in concentrated forms, requiring proper protective measures.

Q: How is Phosphoric Acid used in sugarcane plants?

A: It's used in the uplift clarification process to remove non-sugar components.

Q: What grades of Phosphoric Acid does TJCY Industrial Chemical provide?

A: Typically available in concentrations of 85% and 75%.

Q: What packaging options are available for Phosphoric Acid?

A: Options include 35kg or 330kg drums, 1650kg IBCs, or customizations as needed.


TJCY Industrial Chemical is dedicated to providing high-quality chemical products and exceptional customer service. We hope this FAQ guide helps you understand the properties, uses, and handling of our main products. For further inquiries or detailed information, please contact us. Our team is always ready to assist you with your chemical needs.

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