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Sodium acetate

Sodium acetate is a kind of organic matter. Sodium acetate trihydrate is white crystal with a relative density of 1.45 and a melting point of 58℃. It is weathered in dry air, loses its crystalline water at 120℃ and decomposes at higher temperature. Anhydrous sodium acetate is colorless transparent crystal, melting point 324℃. Soluble in water.

Synonyms: natrium aceticum

Molecular formula: CH3COONa

CAS No:127-09-3



In terms of metal content determination, sodium acetate is used for determination of lead, zinc, aluminum, iron, cobalt, antimony, nickel and tin. Complex stabilizer. Auxiliary agent of acetylation, buffer, desiccant, mordant.

In food industry, sodium acetate is used as buffering agent, flavouring agent, flavouring agent and ph regulator.

In rubber industry, sodium acetate is used as the sulfur external regulation of neoprene coking antiscorching agent, the dosage of general quality of 0.5. It can also be used as a crosslinking agent for animal glue.

In electroplating industry, sodium acetate used in alkaline tin plating to add, but for plating and electroplating process and has no obvious influence, not necessary. Sodium acetate is commonly used as a buffer, such as in acid galvanizing, alkaline tin plating and electroless nickel plating.


Sodium Acetate

Sodium Acetate

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