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Chemicals used in the construction industry as accelerating agent | chemical accelerator

accelerator (chemistry), a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction. Calcium formate, or triisopropanolamine, is an organic compound that acts as an accelerating setting agent.

Cement accelerator, an admixture that speeds up the curing time of concrete. Used in concrete to increase the hardening/setting rate of concrete, or to increase the hardening rate and early strength gain for earlier demoulding and handling.

Most accelerators primarily perform one of these functions rather than both. Accelerators are most effective at low temperatures. The primary use of accelerators is to control the setting time of concrete floor slabs in cold weather, where prolonged setting times delay finishing and heavy-wiping operations.

Setting accelerators are a very effective way to control the setting time of this type of concrete, even those containing cement substitutes. Accelerators are also used to reduce the risk of damage from freezing when pouring concrete in cold weather and allow for early removal of formwork. The exposed sides of the struck concrete must still be protected and properly cured.

Accelerating Agent

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